Microblogging Journal through 12/11/2023

Twelve microblogging bits from ActivityPub. #blog #aws #development #developer #cats


Dispatches from @ultrviolet@gts.endgameviable.com:

Monday 12/04

  • 18:14 # Now that I’ve gone to all this trouble to setup some endgameviable repos to build this Next.js project, it has occurred to me that not only should the repos not be named with the same name as my blog, they should be on a different github account entirely so that I can reference them in a more professional setting. So, you know, I’m going to move everything shortly. Sorry about that. (Not that anyone but me and my build pipeline is depending on those repo names and locations.) #blog

Tuesday 12/05

  • 07:35 # Oh oops I’ve been so focused on the new Next.js site that I failed to notice that the current site failed to build with my last update yesterday, so the post I posted never actually posted. #blog

    • 07:48 # In this one case I actually published something new on the Next.js site before the regular site. #blog
  • 08:02 # One thing I’ve learned about conversing with ChatGPT about code examples and ideas for building complex web applications is that you need to periodically start a new chat. If you keep talking in the same chat for weeks at a time, the page slows down to a crawl and becomes unusable. Which kind of stinks because then it forgets all the contextual knowledge you built up and you have to keep reminding it, “No, I want that in typescript, not javascript, like every other time I asked.” #developer

  • 11:05 # Oops. It’s only the 5th of the month and I’ve already used up my aws free tier limit on CodeBuild. #aws

  • 17:51 # I forgot to put a link to my last post here, so I could continue to experiment with linking posts to statuses through the api. I’ll continue to forget until I automate it. Belated New Post: https://endgameviable.com/post/2023/11/november-2023-pt2/ World of Warcraft did a thing. New Next.js and AWS blog development. Dev vlogs. Lower Decks. Fairy Tale. Thanksgiving vacation. A work presentation. Jupyter.

Wednesday 12/06

  • 11:51 # Starting to move all my new blog code to new repos. It’s a pain in the butt. I hope it works when I’m done. #development

    • 08:07 # I think I successfully moved all the code to new repos over on my main github account. I’m trying to put everything in a monorepo, the first time I’ve tried to do one of those for a personal project. I can already see why there are pros and cons to the monorepo. Anyway I had to update the CloudFormation templates a bit but all the builds seem to be working now. I spun up a fresh backend stack and Amplify frontend and switched over to it. Sometimes software development work is dull but necessary administrative work. #development #blog

Friday 12/08

  • 11:41 # I got one of those fancy automatic cat feeders to try to deal with the problems of the outdoor cat eating everything in sight when he’s inside, while the indoor cat only eats occasionally. I can’t just leave a bowl of food out anymore. #cats

  • 22:56 # Well neat. Tonight the trackpad and clicking functionality on my MacBook is suddenly not working in extremely bizarre ways that is anywhere from slightly annoying to entirely bricking my MacBook to the point of having to reboot. Weirdly an external mouse also has the exact same problem. What the actual hell. This is not a productivity booster.

    • 10:25 # This morning my trackpad is working more normally. So far. Last night I turned off the MacBook and turned it on (an actual recommendation from Apple). Rebooted a bunch of times. Stopped running a bunch of applications I wasn’t using. No idea what happened, if it’s fixed, or how it’s fixed. The MacBook Pro is a fantastic product except for this pesky Apple software they keep insisting on putting on it.

Sunday 12/10

  • 10:57 # This weekend I’m suddenly finding myself completely losing interest in this Next.js blog thing. I did the thing again where I worked too much on it too quickly and now I’m burned out and don’t care anymore and have other ideas to investigate. Ah well. It could have been great but now it’s possibly destined to be just another piece of the detritus of half-finished projects that litter my life. #development #blog

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