Microblogging Journal 10/16/2023 through 10/30/2023

Eight microblogging bits from the last week. #weather #finalfantasyxiv #blog


Dispatches from @ultrviolet@gts.endgameviable.com:

Wednesday 10/18

09:17 # I deployed a primitive data-driven movie tracking solution to my blog last night. Data entry is a pain (editing a big yaml file), but it sure beats trying to put big lists into blog posts. #blog

Friday 10/20

08:11 # Sometimes one of my computers makes a sound, and I don’t know which one it was or what application made the sound or why. It’s a bit disturbing.

08:15 # Ah ha… I think it was a calendar reminder notification from my Windows PC because today is trash pickup day, and I somehow linked Windows to my Google Calendar at some point in the distant past.

Saturday 10/21

20:36 # I’m somewhat annoyed to have run out I’ve run out of seasons of Taskmaster to re-watch on YouTube. The good news is that you can simply start over again from the beginning and it will still feel like a fresh new thing to watch.

Sunday 10/22

09:15 # It’s the dreaded “can I get away with not going to all the trouble of going to the store this morning” moment.

Monday 10/23

11:14 # I’m constantly baffled and perplexed by how much more time passes than I think… in my head I think, “Oh I need to follow up on that thing from the other day,” and it turns out “the other day” is like three or four weeks ago.

Sunday 10/29

17:28 # I’ve just noticed that I re-activated my Final Fantasy XIV subscription three months ago and the payment just renewed. I haven’t logged in to complete a single quest. Oops. Cancelling I guess. #finalfantasyxiv

17:36 # There’s been a sudden heat wave the last couple of days, and my heat pump inexplicably isn’t cooling, which means I’ve spent the majority of the this weekend just kind of lying around staring at a television. It’s not that hot, but it’s hot enough that I don’t particularly want to do anything. #weather

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